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Community engagement and advocacy

HSSG realises that it is important to not only engage with those affected by a stroke but also that wider community of the Helderberg and surrounding areas. We offer short term equipment rentals to the wider community. We also offer consultation and guidance to families that have been affected by a stroke who call into our oƯice with their questions.

Another important aspect of HSSG is our advocacy for those who have been affected by a stroke and persons with disabilities. We aim to improve the lives of that are facing economic and social challenges through empowerment and education. Through our guest speakers attending the groups we educate our beneficiaries on their social rights and responsibilities. Due to current funding being limited we have not been able to fully run this program possible as these speakers often charge a fee to provide these services. We hope with your support we will be able to make a true difference in this regard.

HSSG also provides consultation to families who need assistance and guidance with regards to a family member that has had a stroke. There is an emerging need for families and care givers to have access to resources and training with regards to stroke care as due to the current economic climate families are choosing to keep their loved ones at home rather than place them in a care facility or old age home. HSSG offers advice and support, and we invite the families to the office for a conversation. We also office short term equipment hire to the broader community.

HSSG also actively engages with other NPO’s in the community, and we are actively working to strengthen our resource, information sharing and support network. The requirements for this project would be a new phone for our office.

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