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Beneficiary and staff empowerment

A need that has been identified within our communities is the empowerment of our chairpersons and beneficiaries. As many of our beneficiaries come from impoverished areas, they have forgotten that they have a voice, and this has caused them to become disenfranchised and despondent. The aim of this program is to up-skill and empower our beneficiaries to use their voices to make a change. This takes place in two ways, firstly we work closely with our chairpersons of each group to teach them leadership, group facilitation and basic management skills. Secondly, we have established workgroups within each group, this group is facilitated by the Organisational Manager and chairperson. There workgroups were created to create a positive and productive platform for our beneficiaries to voice their concerns and problem solve possible solutions. Using guest speakers, we would like to educate and empower our beneficiaries to take ownership and leadership roles within their various communities. Through the creation of the workgroups and chairperson empowerment, we are guiding the groups to take responsibility for their own group in the hopes that in future HSSG can take a supportive role within the group.

The requirements for this project are financial support to offer more training on fundraising as well as first aid training for our chairpersons and assistants. Salary costs for the organisational manager as she is responsible for the implementation of this project.

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