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Ms. Waseema Herabai

I am pleased to extend my commendation for the outstanding efforts and contributions made by the HSSG during the 2023/2024 financial year.

The impact of their work has been truly significant, particularly in fostering an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities, with a specific focus on stroke survivors.

Notably, the HSSG has not only dedicated itself to rehabilitation but has also been instrumental in spearheading initiatives aimed at preventing disabilities, showcasing a holistic approach to healthcare. The HSSG's commitment and excellence have extended beyond their immediate initiatives, positively influencing the Western Cape Department of Health and the broader Western Cape Government. The tangible evidence of their dedication is reflected in the meticulously maintained employee attendance registers, serving as a testament to the organisations accountability and productivity. Furthermore, the publication of information regarding their initiatives underscores their commitment to transparency and accountability.

In our collaboration with the HSSG, we have witnessed the tangible benefits of their work, which has greatly enhanced the quality of services provided by the Western Cape Department of Health. The HSSG has become an invaluable resource, particularly in the Helderberg Hospital Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy department, where their presence has significantly benefited both therapists and patients alike. Their long-standing history of excellence and commitment to service has solidified their reputation as a trusted partner in healthcare. 

As we continue our partnership with the HSSG, we eagerly anticipate many more years of collaboration, confident in the knowledge that their unwavering dedication will continue to make a positive impact on the healthcare landscape in the Western Cape. The HSSG's ongoing contributions are not only appreciated but essential in achieving our shared goals of providing comprehensive and compassionate care to those in need. 

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